Meet Thee Journal Coach!

I used to be a high-achieving perfectionist. You know the  “do it all, never say no”, live straight by the book type.  I was the poster child for resumes & righteous living. Every dark moment in my life I covered with an achievement & a smile. To uncover dirty, raggedy parts of my life you had to dig deep like making the wall talk, having coffee with the Lord deep because only He could tell you everything that went on behind closed doors!  Even after I'd gotten out of my 2 1/2 year abusive relationship,  stopped toxic dating and stood 16 months into my journey of celibacy, I still felt off. Disconnected. It wasn't until I went on a Soul cleanse that I finally learned to defend myself against myself and took charge of the vision for my life !


Yes I was busy, collecting degrees, solving everyone’s problems, crafting action plans to pull out the greatness in others, high off my professional accomplishments but when the dust settled and I was left alone the ugly parts of me came rushing in! The self doubt, the restlessness, the fear of failing, the unworthiness… I knew there had to be more to life and I could see it, I just didn’t know how to get there. I knew I couldn’t “goal” my way to it so I tried hashing it all out on paper but that left me with  pages and pages of limitations and pain that I had no idea what to do with it! I needed to DO something to clear out all of my mental mess and make room for fresh perspectives….so I crafted a plan to handle my limiting beliefs and resistance, more importantly I worked the plan.  


I snatched back my power, strength and courage! I dealt with ME and learned to be better to myself. A better relationship with myself set me up to become a better person, a better friend, daughter, sister and eventually a wife & mother. I let go of everything that didn’t align with my purpose even the really scary shit…Like closing the doors to my thriving law practice. YES,! Everyone else thought I’d lost my mind at first too ….now they know that THAT woman has nothing on THIS woman! She is far from perfect but when she shows up…she shows out POSITIVELY and unapologetically honey. Stick with me and you can do the same! Why?? Because I walk it, talk it and teach it!

Some fun facts: I am a Mother to one charismatic, fun, sassy daughter. Whew pray for me she is truly my mini-me (sorry Momma). I am the wife of a loving jokester who keeps me grounded and lighthearted.  During my free time, I enjoy writing fictitious novels, binging out on comedies and reality t.v (please don’t judge) & spending time with family.  I love cooking probably as much as I love eating and I am a total nerd who loves learning any and everything about the world and people.  

I can't wait to work with you!

Qualify yourself! You don't need permission to be great!