Buyer Beware!! All Journals are not created equal!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Journals are the new craze. Any and everybody seems to either sell them or create them...and for good reason. Journaling has so many benefits healing trauma, increasing organization & time management skills, creating and increasing self awareness but not all journals are created equal. Yes some have gorgeous covers, luxurious paper and vibrant colors but zero substance! Now if you suffer from shiny object syndrome then jumping from journal to journal accomplishing nothing except a fabulous looking book shelf may be the life for you...but if you want to transform your life and really really get in tune then you need something more! It is my belief (and practice) that a journal can serve as a playbook to overcome and celebrate all parts of life. A journal should serve as a means to a positive end...they are tools to push you forward...when CREATED and USED correctly. Both components must exist! Granted there are different types of journals and you must know your overall purpose BEFORE you buy.

Looking to doodle and brain dump your thoughts? Then a blank journal/notebook may work best. These are great for "diary" type journaling. Meaning you just need to get some stuff off your chest (good or bad) You're not really looking to do anything, you just need to get it out. Need to keep track of all the things going on in your life... then you may like a bullet journal best. Don't know what to write but you know writing helps you to release? Try a guided journal. These journals have writing prompts to help you get started (Example: " If I could talk to my teenage self I would say__________________________ you fill in the rest) These are my favorites and rising in popularity. (I'm sure you've seen the Facebook Ads)

I create guided journals for my clients as well, however as I life coach I design TRI-byrd journals. (Yes I made that word up) My journals are a mix of all three styles each serves a different purpose. All of my journals are designed to help you create an action plan to handle a different area of life....the journal prompts set up the framework for the plan....the things that you will always come back to.... your basic principles so to speak...the reflection pages are designed to do just what the title says...reflect but its not simply writing down the events of the day or maybe even past events. Here, you are working those events against your framework to understand what happened, why it happened and how you can create more of it (if its positive) or prevent the negative stuff from happening again....and like a bullet journal, you can track your progress, set goals and plan for the future...and its all organized and categorized because every journal has a theme/designated topic.

Now I'm no therapist but I do have a gift for helping other maximize their potential..I am a futuristic coach, meaning I help others see their present and imagine their future and use journals to help fill in the gaps to get where they need to go! Affirmation, Action and Manifestation yes Sis map out your best life AND live it! And that's what a journal should do for you! It is a living force...a record and re write of your life! So the next time you see a journal ad ask your self...what is it that I'm in the mood for? What am I trying to do for myself today? How deep do I want to go? Basically, figure out how much you need to invest in your personal power/value BEFORE you open up your purse to make that purchase....and then Journal It Out!!

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