Hustle Once!!

Hustle hard. 90% Grind 10% sleep. Hustle 24/7. Go! Go! Go! OMG Sis, breathe! You're doing all of this running but where are you actually going? The world screams at us about being "ON" and constantly doing something...anything just stay busy. That is WRONG! Of course you need goals, plans and to put in the work to make your dreams a reality...BUT NOT ALL THE TIME and ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You're going to run yourself ragged. As my mentor always says, you work hard ONCE! Meaning create a plan and work your way through the bumps and bruises to meet your goals and then figure out how to streamline that ish!

It's time to get automated, outsource, find your team of all stars and fill in the missing holes. By the time reach your goal, you should've created a SYSTEM that runs while YOU rest! You can't stay in launch mode all the time. My creators and entreprenuers out there know what I'm talking about. Launching a new event, service, product is stressful. Even those people who hire the best of the best have to prepare to do their part. Beyonce can hire for every single task there is to put on a concert, except for "Beyonce getting on stage " The same goes for you! Nobody can show up and play your part the way you can. And because it's your life and you're starring in it, you have to be in the position to deliver. That means taking care of yourself while the other parts move. Take a break, get some sleep, treat yourself to something luxurious every once in while. Luxury is's not always about the price tag. It's about doing those things that make you feel rich and rested....but if it happens to cost $500 this time get that too! Your future self will thank you!

Now before you bite my head off or go running out the door...(Or to the nearest checkout button online I should say nowadays) I am in no way promoting irresponsibility. Don't you go out there and spend $500 on a bag and you don't have electricity and then say but my Coach told me....aht aht aht Nope no I didnt! I'm saying to do those things to shift your atmosphere and mindset towards living in the excellence of your future self but please don't create chaos and misery. There's a difference in having a scarcity money mindset and an abundance money mindset. With a scarcity mindset, money causes feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. As a result your decisions are motivated by fear. When you have an abundance money mindset, you believe there's enough to go around and you make WISE choices. We'll talk more about money mindset and shifting from scarcity to abundance later but for now I'm encouraging and instructing you to work smarter not harder.....and because I'm all about that Action Life per usual, here is a guide or a 5 day challenge to do just that ;-)!

Working or Werking
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