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Author, Attorney and Certified Empowered Relationship Coach

Advanced Degree? Check! Loving Husband? Check! Great Daughter? Check! Nice House? Check! Kick Ass Attorney with my own firm? Check! Community Accolades, Prestigous Awards and Press Releases? Check, Check, Check! Living my best life & feeling on top of the world??? (Insert the sound of Crickets here)  But How??? How could my fabulous and carefully designed life hit a plateau? Why couldnt  I get rid of that voice screaming to do more and be more?! The answer was simple I hadn't moved backwards in order to GROW forward! I needed to build a better relationship with myself to become my best self but I had no clue how to do it!

Hello I am Ebony, AKA Thee Journal Coach, a recovered "stuck" high achiever, former people pleaser, & domestic abuse thriver, here to teach you how to blow up your limiting mindset, plan your roadmap to revitalization & crush the gap between the woman you are today and the woman you were meant to be with the stroke of a pen! I'll show you how to transfer that black girl magic from the conference room to the bedroom. Best of all I'll show you how to do it without loosing your sanity! Ready to Transform?? 

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